Gifts are some of the best tokens of expression and for romantic couples, the perfect season for exchanging their feelings through gifts would be on Valentine’s Day. This is also probably one of those times when retail stores are likely to be filled with gifts for everyone.

But let this not upset you this Christmas! This is the time of celebration for everyone and so what if you cannot find something that would make more sense and help you brew up your secret love affair with your partner. There are plenty of other options that are more friendly and sweet to make your affair partner feel good this Christmas.

However, there are certain rules that you should not break that will complicate things further for both of you. These are some of the most common mistakes that some people tend to make, which causes them to end up in an embarrassing situation.

Make sure you follow them, if you are in the mood to buy something for your affair partner this Christmas –

#1 – Avoid Sending Presents To Their Work Place

If you are planning to present your partner with a gift, the office is the first place you should mark out from your list. It might sound convenient rather than sending gifts to your partner’s home, however, the office is also a place where people can start talking behind your partner’s back. Now that could make things for your partner a little bit uncomfortable and some might even find it offending. People notice and in the age of social media, where everyone is connected to one another or can find themselves tagged on to somebody else’s post, it’s better to avoid circumstances that would give people a chance to talk about your private matter.

#2 – Keep Your Gifts Small

The smaller your gifts are, the more convenient and simple it would be. Maybe you enjoy hanging around with your affair partner and want to convey out your feeling and appreciation, but giving out expensive and the wrong kind of gifts can lead to making wrong impressions and send out mixed signals. This could complicate things in case your present falls into the wrong hands like the spouse of your affair partner. Make it friendly and something that your affair partner can show off, without feeling the need to get embarrassed.

#3 – Keep Out Everything Romantic

Flowers are completely out of the question, while chocolates are something borderline. While things like a nice perfumed candle or a stylish bottle of perfume might be more of a play safe kind, no one would say the same thing if you decide to present something like a bold lingerie. Keep your appreciation friendly and your partner would really appreciate it. One of the best presents to express one’s feelings is by sending a card with a good message in it. It’s convenient, friendly, lovely and of course, the perfect medium to convey what you want to tell your affair partner.

#4 – Pick Out Presents That Seem Discreet

Christmas time is a time when presents from everyone would come rushing in. The best and the safe present that you could give your affair partner is a gift card. It’s more discreet and your partner can leave it along with the rest of the other gifts. However, make sure that there is no romance or erotism tied to it such as a gift card to a lingerie store or one to the sex toy shop.

Play Safe, Go Friendly

As was mentioned before, keeping it friendly is much easier and would make your secret love affair go unnoticed by the ignorant spouse. You can not only avoid unwanted troubles but also make the desired impression in the mind of your affair partner, which is what matters to you the most.

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