Sending out your first online dating message could seldom turn out to be a disaster. I mean, you aim to make a great impression of yourself but when you are sitting down in front of the screen, about to text someone, you suddenly realize you don’t know what to talk about.

The worst cases happen, when you forcibly or rather, unconsciously type down something that make you sound like some phoney or a despo porn freak.

Watch Out! Make Your Impression Stand Out and Not Ignored

And how do you do that? Well in a world where there are tons of information to consume, your time starts in seconds to capture someone’s attention. And honestly, no one is looking forward to expect so much courtesy from your side, especially because none of you have met face-to-face ever. You could end up sounding too booooring!!!

The trick here is to Get straight to the point

Of course I am not asking you to shout out loud something like, “you look hot and sexy…let’s get cozy”. Hey! That’s sounds so cheap and desperate. You could get blocked out instantly. In today’s time, starting with a ‘Hi’ is too drab and can kill out your chance in the first instance before you can start typing down the next few lines.

The First Step – Go through the profile

That would be to begin by going through his or her profile. It’s like getting your first clue to solving a big puzzle. Sending out your first message is always puzzling, for at the back of your head you fear you might mess it all and then…game over for you!!! Nevertheless, a brief summary of the profile will tell you a lot about the person with whom you are going to talk to.

You may use the following ideas to begin your first conversation. Here are tips to show this is the way you do it –

#1 – Begin With a Shared Interest

Discovering areas of shared interest can be a great getaway. At least there is something you both can talk about now. But don’t spoil the whipped cream by overdoing it. Here is a hint as to how you can make your message more approaching and interactive –

Hey there! So E.L. James is one of your favorite authors? Cool!… I like her way of approach to a relationship’s Dominant and Submissive philosophy. Are you done with the entire trilogy already?”

#2 – Fire Up the Spark in Your Conversation

The secret to building a great chemistry is to make your conversation smooth and flowing. But then, make sure it’s not too drab. It’s a game and your conversation should be like, when you are talking to someone, the person sitting on the other side is thinking how it would feel like kissing you in real.

For that you need to add some of your personality to your message like, “Heya, so you are an EMT? Sounds tell me what’s the best and the scariest part of your job?”. Now that sounds way impressive and smart than just “Hey what’s up?”.

#3 – There’s No Harm in Giving a Compliment

Everyone loves a little bit of compliment. You can impress someone with one and even prove that you have actually taken time to read the profile out. It does not always have to be cheesy with something like, “…I must say you might be the cutest girl on this side of the internet”. You can compliment someone on their taste of music, movie, etc. However, make sure you do not end up sounding superficial. It might make you look weird and creepy. So it’s best to stick to something that you can call factual.

#4 – Recommend Something New

Giving recommendations in your first conversation appear more friendly and bears a low pressure on you. The more simple your conversation sounds, the better you would be able to carry yourself around. You can say, “…you are into Game Nights? Me too! If you like Catan, then you might also like Ticket to Right. When me and my friend began playing it…we got really into it.”

This is a slow but safe process that will help you keep the conversation going and on the hook.

#5 – Hold the Attention

People might get distracted, bored or even forgetful. But if the person is having a great time conversing with you, he/she is less likely to forget you. If you use the above techniques, then you might be able to strike out a conversation that would sound fresh and new unlike the usual boring ones like, “How’s your weekend?” or “Tell me something about you”. Also, try sounding curious as if you want to know more about what his/her thoughts.

Try asking something that sounds original and different. Once you are able to strike out your first conversation smoothly, your game is on! After a couple of pleasant exchanges, he/she will no longer hesitate to meet you. You can then get ready to ask or be asked for a date night out.

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Elyssa Jones works as the Editor of Fantasy Meeting. She has worked as a Dating Consultant for over 15 years, and offers the best dating advice to men and women. A salsa dancer by passion, you can find her offering salsa dancing lessons to people during weekends.