Little things matter in affairs. To make your affair partner feel good, you don’t need to put a lot of effort or time. It’s the small things we do for one another that matter, whether it’s an affair, a marriage or a friendship. If you have an affair, you may be thinking of ways to make your affair partner happy.

Here are some small and simple ways to help you make your affair partner glad:

1. Reach out yourself first

Irrespective of being a woman or a man, reaching out to someone first may feel a bit intimidating. May be your partner would think that you are harassing him/her through so much of texts, and he/she may not text you that much. Still, putting aside your fears, send out a text to your partner using your phone. Avoid worrying about how much time your partner takes to text you back. A simple advice: as anyone may be around for picking up the phone, make sure you send only unassuming and safe text messages.

2. Don’t stress over your interactions

It’s quite natural to think about your interactions with other people, whether or not they are your affair partners. So, no need to feel that you are mistaken to stress so much over your interactions. However, you need to know the point where you should stop. When you are getting gloomy over something said by your affair partner, or beginning to assume that he/she no longer has interest in you as your partner has not replied back to your texts in an hour, you should take a step back. In a relationship, reaching out first and being proactive is certainly great, but taking it too far and examining the responses too much would only make things worse for you as well as your partner.

3. Show affection without any fear

You may not be that affectionate as a person, and well, you don’t need to show excessive affection to your affair partner, but it’s important to ensure that you send a clear signal to him/her that you are interested. Your idea of being affectionate may be as simple as a smile or sending the initial text. You would find that both of you are much relaxed after affection enters the scenario. Remember that being affectionate does not mean that you are making things serious, it just means that you are showing interest to your partner and being appreciative subtly.

4. Appreciate at times

We don’t say that you should go to your partner, look into his/her eyes and tell badly that you appreciate him/her. Doing things in this manner would only drive away people from you. What you should do is say a “thank you” on a relevant occasion, and make sure you don’t take for granted the small things your affair partner does for you.

5. Listen what your affair partner is saying

There’s a lot of difference between listening and hearing. It’s basic human nature: We all want to feel important. And listening to someone shows that you are giving importance to that person. So, listen to what your partner says and if you don’t understand or remember anything, don’t hesitate to ask them again. This would show that if you are really interested in what your partner is saying. Hearing simply without paying attention won’t work. If you lie that you are paying attention, when you are not in reality, the issue would be bigger once your partner finds out the truth.

With these ideas that look quite small, but have a big effect, you can make your affair partner glad and keep your relationship moving smoothly. And who knows, if things turn out well, you may want to take your relationship to the next level!

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Elyssa Jones works as the Editor of Fantasy Meeting. She has worked as a Dating Consultant for over 15 years, and offers the best dating advice to men and women. A salsa dancer by passion, you can find her offering salsa dancing lessons to people during weekends.