So, you met someone great online, and guess that you two share some chemistry. Your next step would be going for a date. First dates may bring with them some anxiety. How should you present yourself? What to talk about? How would it turn out? Questions like these may trouble your mind. Well, to make things easy for you, here are some practical tips for first date with someone you have met through a dating site. These tips would help you to not only survive the first date, but also to succeed and may be get a second date.

  1. Keep it simple

When you are going for a first date with someone you met online, you don’t need to put any major financial or time commitment. Neither of you two would want to have a two-hour long dinner, when you understand within 5 minutes that you both share no chemistry. So, plan to make your date easy, cheap and let it not take over 60-90 minutes. Meet for coffee, go for hiking together, or stroll around some interesting area of the town. This would offer you an opportunity to see whether there’s any chemistry or not before you commit to something more serious.
If you find things going well, you may choose to continue the date. Go for some fun activity in the town (live music, bowling, mini golf), and watch if she’s interested to go there. When you do several things on the first date, it creates a feeling as if you know each other from a longer time than the actual time. Moreover, going for activities would help you have more fun together, while avoiding any awkward tension.

  1. Smile when you show up

First dates always cause a bit of anxiety for men as well as women. If you both wish to enjoy the time together, it’s better to ease the tension soon. So, smile when you show up, and have a confident, strong body language while walking. Start the conversation lightly when greeting her. Playful teasing or compliments work well here. Keeping things light and fun right from the beginning would let both of you be at comfort with each other. And this would make it simple for both of you to connect with each other, with the date’s progress.

  1. Get Fascinatingly Honest

Here is the fun thing about first dates – you can get downright fascinatingly honest about yourself from the very beginning. So talk about your likes and dislikes and everything under the sky that completely represents the person who you are and not what you desire to portray.
White lies are never fascinating. So just like you must never mislead anyone online, the rules follow the same here. Also, refrain from telling plain boring facts. They make you all the more boring. Here is what you can do – make a mind map of all the fun facts about yourself. But don’t give away all. Don’t forget your mystery if you want to go on another date soon! Honesty is not just the best policy, it is one of the best expressions for sharing an ongoing chemistry.

  1. Show interest

Guys sometimes try “playing it cool” on their first date and don’t show any real interest. However, if the woman doesn’t find you to be connected or interested in her, she is most likely to think that there’s no point in having a second date.
When trying to show interest in your first date, you can do certain things. Try to make a steady and warm eye contact throughout the entire date. Start mixing in touch from there. Start light, like putting your hand on her shoulders briefly when leaning in to talk.

  1. Think right

What do you want from the first date? A second date? Bring her home?
If your purpose is anything like these, you may be planning your failure. When men go to a date aiming to get something from women, they tend to be “in their head” stressing on what they should do/say next. Women sense that inner turmoil and tension, feel uncomfortable and don’t want to do anything with the men. To get rid of such stress and relax, don’t worry about getting any certain outcome from your first date. Rather, just try to have fun. Look for enjoying yourself first. The more you enjoy in the date, the easier it is for the woman to enjoy herself and relax. And this may increase the likelihood of your getting a kiss, a second date or a trip to your place.

  1. Save Yourself from Nasty Surprises

Everybody loves surprises. But there are some surprises that are better to avoid than to make. It could be a huge turn-off and could cost you a chance for a second date. Like don’t end up calling your first date by a wrong name or telling ‘Hi’ to the wrong guy. Now that is pretty awkward! But mistakes like these happen and you really don’t want to be the one to make it. So review the online profile before you step out in your best shoes to meet him and spend a wonderful evening together. You will be giving out a good impression already on your first date.

These tips for first date would help you carry out the date well. And who knows, if both of you find that there’s a good chemistry, you may get a second, third, fourth and so on…dates. But at this moment, try making your first date a success. Good luck!

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Elyssa Jones works as the Editor of Fantasy Meeting. She has worked as a Dating Consultant for over 15 years, and offers the best dating advice to men and women. A salsa dancer by passion, you can find her offering salsa dancing lessons to people during weekends.