With the Valentine’s Day knocking at the door, probably you are wondering how to celebrate the day of love in the best way possible. You want to not only make your Valentine’s Day date pleasant for both you and your significant other, but also want it to be a date that strengthens the bond between both of you. Some ideas that you got may be having dinner at a good restaurant, or watching a good movie together. But these are the conventional kinds of dates.

This Valentine’s Day, how about going for something unconventional and out-of-the-box, which lets you both have a great time together, and also explore the various hues of each other’s personality in the process? Sounds great right?

Here are some unconventional date ideas for Valentine’s Day celebration:

#1. Rent a sports car for the day

For a day or two, don’t hesitate to live large. Rent a glamorous sports car, put on some stylish clothes and head off for a long drive with your significant other. You can choose to leave the city bustle behind for some time and go for exploring the countryside. The high speed accompanied by the quick acceleration would surely offer you both an exhilarating experience.

#2. Drive around the town and see new places

If you and your significant other have been together now for a few years, you both may wish to experience some new things together. Visit some cool coffee cafes at the other side of the city, check out some restaurants you have never visited before, or go to watch a play together.

#3. Go down the memory lane

If you both are a long-term couple, remembering the joyful memories of your togetherness, from the beginning of your relationship till present, would certainly be a great experience. You can have a date resembling your first date, or do things to relive those special moments you shared together.

#4. Go to concerts

Are you both music lovers? Then going to a music concert together will be one of the best date ideas for Valentine’s Day. You can find various such concerts happening around you. Check out online the concerts you can attend, and get tickets for both of you.

#5. Explore a brewery or winery

Touring a brewery or winery is a great way to know new things related to beer, wine or whiskey, and how they are made. You both would also get the opportunity to taste a few excellent drinks, and may be get some bottles for the evening.

#6. Go for a moonlit walk

After dinner, stroll under the moonlight with your significant other to have a romantic time together. Stroll towards a beach or nearby park, and gaze at the numerous stars shining. You both can also opt to wander aimlessly, or explore new routes.

#7. Try doing something new

You both can try doing something entirely new together. It may be some fun activity like wall climbing, food/wine tasting, or swing dance classes. Another cool activity you both can opt for is attending a ‘supper club’. That’s a great way to meet new people and feel like a hipster.

#8. Volunteer together

Why not share your love with those in need on this day of love? Volunteering is not only a noble activity, but would also increase the love between you both when you work for a cause together. Share your love with people or animals who are really in need of it. The happiness of volunteering would beat that of chocolates and roses.

So, this time, consider these unconventional date ideas for Valentine’s Day to have a great date. If you are looking for some more ideas or dating tips, you can check out our dating site Fantasy Meeting.

Let this date become a milestone in your relationship, and take your relationship to the next level, in case you are not yet a long-term couple. May you get as well as give lots of love this Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Elyssa Jones works as the Editor of Fantasy Meeting. She has worked as a Dating Consultant for over 15 years, and offers the best dating advice to men and women. A salsa dancer by passion, you can find her offering salsa dancing lessons to people during weekends.