Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fantasy Meeting?

A: Fantasy Meeting was developed, and constantly updated, to provide you with the ease of finding like-minded people near you or around the world, so you may chat, exchange ideas, and even meet to determine if the two of you are compatible and can develop something special. The profile criteria and self-description in the profile can be used to determine if you arrive at something common. You take it from there. We are receptive and listen to your comments and we constantly improve the site because we are committed to bringing you the best outcome and the most enjoyable experience. We want you to find the right person because we want you to be happy!

How do I register?

A: Registering is easy. Just follow up pop up menu or click Register on the Home page. A password will be mailed to your email. It’s free, but subscription is necessary to enjoy the full benefits of the site. As a Guest, certain functions are free such as Wink, Who Viewed Me, and browsing of members.

How do I subscribe?

A: In order to fully enjoy the site, subscribe to become a Member. After you register, choose SUBSCRIBE in the right upper corner of the screen. You can also access the page by choosing Settings, then UPGRADE ACCOUNT. There are 3 main options: Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly. The subscription recurs at the end of each offered period of subscription respectively. The “TWO MONTHS” option is a non-recurring, 1-time-only payment option for your flexibility. As a subscribing member, you can fully access all the members using search menu and selection criteria. As new members continue to join, your search result will constantly vary allowing you more options. We may be offering special offers from time to time for you to take advantage of.

How do I Hide / Unhide my profile?

A. You can go to Edit Profile and choose Hide / Unhide at the bottom. If you find someone you are looking for at Fantasy Meeting or if you just want to take a break, you can “Hide” your profile. By clicking “Hide,” your profile will not be visible to other members. When you are ready to return to find someone again, you can simply “Unhide.” When your profile is in Hide mode, you will not be able to send or receive messages from other members, but you may continue to view other members’ profiles. Hiding your profile does not cancel your subscription. Whenever you are ready to get back in action and visibility, simply click on Edit Profile, and choose Unhide.

What are credits and how do I buy them?

A: You can buy credits for extra features to further improve your chance of meeting the right person and to be noticed. Credits allow you to do certain additional features such as sending gifts to get noticed and show to other members that you are interested in them. Additional functionalities such as upcoming video chat may also require credits.

To buy credits, choose Settings, then choose UPGRADE ACCOUNT, then choose BUY CREDIT. You can also choose SUBSCRIBE in orange in right upper corner on every page to take you the page where you can buy credits.

How do I upload pictures?

A. Choose Edit Profile and scroll down to upload 1 main profile photo by selecting “Choose File.” Choose the picture you would like to upload from your desktop or your cell phone.

If you want to upload additional pictures, choose Media. At the bottom, create an album name and enter it in “Album name” box then choose ADD ALBUM. Then, choose UPLOAD PHOTOS. Choose the album name where you want to upload your photos. Click Choose File to choose additional pictures you would like to add from either your desktop or cell phone. If you already have an album created, then simply select the album and upload your pictures.

How do I cancel subscription?

A: Why would you cancel when you can reach out to so many possibilities, which are growing every day? But if you still want to cancel, you can certainly cancel at anytime by clicking Settings then following the instructions. Note that canceling subscription does not delete profile.

How do I delete my profile?

A: To delete profile, click Edit Profile then choose DELETE MY PROFILE.

Do I get a refund?

A: Once you purchase subscription for the duration you chose (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) you are responsible for the payment for the duration for which you had originally signed up and paid for. For example, if you cancel at any time after you subscribed for a “monthly” subscription, you are responsible for the remainder of the month. You will continue to enjoy all the services for the remainder of the month. After that, the subscription will be termed and cancelled, and you will not incur any further recurring charges.

If you want to just subscribe without having to worry about cancelling later, “TWO MONTHS” subscription is available for your convenience. You will enjoy all the usual benefits for two months, and your subscription will be automatically cancelled at the end of the 2-month period, and there will be no recurring charges.

Can other members view the messages that I send or receive?

No. Your messages cannot be viewed by other members. Only your profile and primary photo that you upload are visible to others to the extent that you allow.

How do I send gifts?

Gifts are an excellent way of showing someone that she or he is special! You want to impress someone that you are interested!
You need to buy Credits to send gifts to your prospective someone. For any member that you are interested in, click Send Gifts symbol next to the member’s picture. There are many choices to choose from. Enjoy!

What is “Viewed Me”?

If you click Extras, you will have the option to click VIEWED ME to see who was checking you out. You may check their profiles, and if you are interested, you can send them a message. I VIEWED tells you which members you have viewed.

What is a Wink?

The Wink symbol is available next to the picture of every Guest’s or Subscribing Member’s profile. As a Guest or a Subscribing Member, you can let someone know that you are interested or that you appreciate someone’s photos or profile. It is a good way to break the ice, but subscription is required to read and write to any messages you may receive. Starting the conversation by sending messages is actually what will lead you to meet someone, but a wink can be a good start.

If someone winked at you, you will be notified by email. To view who winked at you, choose Home then WINKS.

How will my subscription show on my credit card statement?

A. Your billing will show as “Illuminant, Inc.”
“Fantasy Meeting” will not appear on your credit card statement.

How do I post my pictures and what kind of pictures can I post to my profile?

To upload your primary profile photo, choose Edit Profile.
For the primary profile photo, you must post pictures of yourself and not pictures which are unrelated to you or photos which are prohibited including scenery, animals, celebrities, or copyrighted pictures.
Additional personal photos are allowed to post in your Albums. To create Albums, click Media, then CREATE ALBUM then UPLOAD PHOTOS.

You are not allowed to post photographs of nudity, pornographic contents, or illegal contents. Your submitted photos are reviewed by our staff members in order to ensure that you follow the guidelines. The review process may take up to 48 hours.

What kind of information is prohibited in my profile?

You may not post any profile content which reveals personal identifying information (such as your own phone number, email address), profanity, or any reference to, or promote, illegal activities. You may not solicit for business through our website. Your submitted profile is reviewed by our staff members in order to ensure that you follow the guidelines. The review process takes up to 48 hours. Any violation of the TERMS and PRIVACY can result in deletion of your profile.

How do I block a member?

To block a member, simply click, “Block User” available next to every profile photo. This option does not delete the member’s profile from the site, but he / she will be prevented from sending you messages. To unblock, simply click, “Settings” then choose BLOCKED.

How do I get better results in meeting someone?

In general, members with high quality photos get much more attention. If you are online, other online members can provide you with faster replies.

Why are there some members without photos?

Our website provides you 100% anonymity if you so choose it. While you are 10 times more likely to get noticed if you have photos, some members may choose to remain anonymous. Some of the members may remain anonymous because of personal reasons.

What does “Profile Unavailable” mean?

This may occur if a member chooses to “Hide” his / her profile or if a profile was self-deleted by the member or because of violation of the terms of use.

What is Advanced Search?

Advance search allows you to refine your criteria to help you pinpoint the like-minded people who possess the qualities you seek.

How do I contact Fantasy Meeting?

You may write to us at

Safety Tips / Safe Dating Tips

The following are common tips to maximize your safety. They are NOT meant to be a complete list or necessarily the only correct tips. Therefore, it is important to be cautious and use your common sense at all times. Unless you know and trust the person you are meeting, never give out your personal identifying information, your last name, home phone number, work number, and address. Never give out your social security number, bank account number, or credit card number. We do not screen members or check their past criminal records. will never send you an email asking for your user name and password information. Therefore, you must take caution with such email.

Be aware and suspicious of anyone whom you do not know and:

  • 1. Asks you for money, credit card or bank account number
  • 2. Asks you for personal identifying information such as last name, work info
  • 3. Periodically vanishes and reappears, claims to be traveling abroad on a special work assignment or business trips
  • 4. Makes unusual or excessive grammatical or spelling mistakes
  • 5. Sends you suspicious photos
  • 6. Solicits for business or illegal activities
  • 7. Asks you for your user name or password

When you are meeting for the first time consider the following steps:

  • 1. Make sure you get to know the person well and his/her intentions. Even after this, you must take caution at all times. We do not screen or do prior criminal record checks; if you feel it necessary, use various publically available resources and search engines to perform appropriate checks. When still in doubt, you probably shouldn’t meet.
  • 2. Provide your own transportation or public transportation such as taxi. DO NOT accept your date’s offer to pick you up unless you know you can absolutely trust him/her.
  • 3. Meet in a public place such as a restaurant in a heavily populated area rather than a remote or isolated location. Do not invite your first date to your place or go to his/her home or apartment.
  • 4. Tell your family or friend about your plans, time and location of meeting, and expected time of return. Carry your cell phone and make sure your family and friends know your number.
  • 5. If your date insists on anything (time, place, transportation, etc.) that you do not feel comfortable with, do not proceed with the date.
  • 6. Avoid making excessively long trips to meet your date unless you know your date well and you are sure that safety measures will be under your control.
  • 7. Do not go to locations where your cell phone service is lacking.
  • 8. When in doubt of your safety, do not go.